Superior Sales & Marketing for Wedding Suppliers

Essential Business Skills

  • The Bride

    Your ideal clients are Brides, so first you need to attract Bridal Leads. Attracting is our middle name - attract like mad with our Set Up & Confidence boosting techniques!

  • Up-sell & Cross-sell

    You should have other services to offer, but you should have a strategy to ensure your bride knows that you have other goodies just for her.

  • Close the deal

    We know that Brides prefer face to face consultations. Our consultation training ensures that you have all the superior knowledge so the bride knows that you are an expert in what you provide!

  • Relationships

    Before you build trust, you need to create a relationship. Our easy to use follow up strategy, will build that relationship, so that the sale is more likely.

  • The Aim of the Course

    I don't want to do loads of Wedding Fayres, who does - so I have created the course so that you can Obtain FRESH LEADS & MAXIMISE your Wedding bookings from just ONE Wedding Fayre. When I say SLAY and mean SLAY!

  • Unlimited Access

    I encourage you to do study this course, over and over again, really digest the information. Once in, you will have access to the course for as long as you need, with frequent free updates.

Course curriculum

  • 01
  • 02
    Live Chat - How Interacting with your Website Visitors will boost your sales
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    • Live Chat on Websites
  • 03
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    • Free Trials & Giveaways
    • Venues
  • 04
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    • Let your customers do the conversion for you!
  • 05
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    • Encourage your visitors to buy more
  • 06
    Facebook LIVE
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    • Videos - Websites & Facebook & Youtube.
  • 07
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    • Exhibitions & Fayres
    • Break the Ice & Creating a USP
  • 08
    Email Follow Up Series
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    • Follow Up Email Series Keep Clients Updated
  • 09
    Consultations & The Sales Pitch
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    • Sell Yourself
    • Email Templates "Build Relationships & Show Up Hack"
    • Up Sell & Cross Sell other Services & Products at Consulation
    • Examples of Consultation Forms
  • 10
    5.1 Terms & Conditions - Contracts
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    • Terms & Conditions
    • Terms & Conditions Printable Form
  • 11
    7.1 Referals & Reviews
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    • Referals & Reviews

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