Superior Sales & Marketing for Makeup Artists

Essential Business Skills

  • Becoming a Brand

    Your ideal clients are Brides, so first you need to attract Bridal Leads and start creating your own unique branding.

  • Public Relations

    Learn how you can get into Magazines with your own personal articles.

  • Shake up your processes

    Do you have strict processes? Let us show you how the professionals do it.

  • Relationships

    Before you build trust, you need to CREATE a relationship. Our easy to use lead building & follow up strategies, will build that relationship quickly & effortlessly! Keeping you in your Brides mind long after your first meeting!

  • The Aim of the Course

    It's simple, if you are willing to do the work, then you will become a BOSS BMUA. Take control and you will increase your brand awareness and your income.

  • Unlimited Access

    I encourage you to do study this course, over and over again, really digest the information. Once in, you will have access to the course for as long as you need, with frequent free updates.

  • Make more money

    This course is designed for you to A: Get more Leads. B: Obtain more Clients. C: Stay Remembered. D: Build Relationships. E. Step By Step. F: Easy to Follow online course.


    On Purchasing this course before the end of July you will get free email help as part of the course.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Introduction Welcome to your Course!
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  • 03
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    • What is branding & why do you need branding.
  • 04
    Marketing & Social Media
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    • Followers & Following Instagram Facebook Snapchat & Twitter
  • 05
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    • Wedding Venues
  • 06
    Lead Generation
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    • Using Wedding Fayres
    • Break the Ice & Creating your own USP
  • 07
    Email Series - How to professionally follow up precious leads.
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    • Done for you Emails
  • 08
    4.1 The Bridal Consultation
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    • Sell your self at consultations
    • Email Templates "Build Relationships & Show Up Hack"
    • Up Sell other Services at the Bridal Consulation
    • Bridal Consultation Form
  • 09
    5.1 Terms & Conditions - Contracts
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    • Terms & Conditions
    • Terms & Conditions Printable Form
  • 10
    6.1 The Wedding Day - Things to Know
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    • Secret Tips for the Wedding Day
  • 11
    7.1 Referals & Reviews
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    • Referals & Reviews

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